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Logan Hollowell


Coco Stardust Society


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The front engraving on the necklace reads 11:11, seeing this repetitive time or number sequence is said to be an acknowledgement of alignment and synchronicity. The backside has the script “Crypto Curious” as a reflection of the holder’s desire to engage and learn about web3.

11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, soul and inner intuition. It can be seen as a wake-up call, a sign from our angels and a moment to step back and assess our current state. Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to spark an awakening, a time for us to pay close attention to the synchronicities around us to remember who we really are.

The backdrop of this piece is set against contrasting purple hues designed by NFT artist Coco. Coco is the founder of Stardust Society, a community that illustrates self-expression where dreamers have a space to embody their most authentic self. Promoting balance through spirituality, fashion, and color. All 3D elements are designed by Alexis Fredrik, a talented product designer, interior architect, director & photographer.

Your Digital Twin awaits with the Crypto Curious Pendant.

The Story

Digital Twin was created with one mission: to bridge the forms of digital and physical self expression. This Crypto Curious pendant is curated by Digital Twin and brings together unique artisans. The NFT artwork features the 11:11 pendant by Logan Hollowell, the backdrop by Coco and 3D rendering by Alexis Fredrik.

We believe NFTs can serve as an organic entry point into web3 by intertwining physical assets with their digital counterparts. Digital Twin is revolutionizing the future of product ownership with a solution that creates efficiency for their production, distribution, & final point of sale. We build a Digital Twin that consists of a physical product and a digital counterpart.

Our purpose is to converge the emerging digital luxury industry with fashion brands that are centered around one of a kind art. We aim to make the crypto ecosystem accessible and equitable for artists and consumers.

-Digital Twin


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